Building Idea: Classic-Town-Style Truck

Truck With Trailer and Shipping Container

Welcome to the Brickbuzz Blog! While we are all in lockdown due to the global pandemic, sadly it’s not possible to hold our usual Lego workshops. I’ve been thinking up a few ideas for small models which you can try building at home with your own collection of bricks. The first is a small truck with a shipping container. Please read on to find links to the instructions.

When I was little, the trucks in Lego sets were a bit smaller than the ones they sell today. This can be useful if you don’t have a lot of bricks because you don’t need as many to build one. This truck is inspired by some of those old sets, but I’ve added a few more details than you would normally find in them.

Here are links to the PDF instructions:

Truck cab

Truck trailer

Shipping Container

All the instructions were made with Bricklink Studio which is a useful 3D digital building tool. There is a list of the parts used on the final pages of each file.

If you don’t have all the right parts to build it just like it is in the instructions, you can try changing some bits or using different colours. As everyone will have a different collection of bricks it is a bit tricky to design a model that everyone can build, but I hope that it will give you ideas for making your own truck if you can’t reproduce every detail. Although it is small I have tried to include realistic features like horns, headlights, indicators, handrails, fuel tanks and smokestacks.

The shipping container shown is made from sand green bricks which can be hard to find, but you can make it out of many other more common colours. To give it the same corrugated appearance as a real shipping container uses quite a few bricks, so if that isn’t possible then why not try making a simpler container with flat sides.

The trailer can be connected to the truck in different ways if you don’t have the same Technic parts used in the instructions. If you have one of the older tow ball plates then this can attach to the underside of the trailer and connect to a small tow ball axle connector which will attach to the back of the cab. Or for a really simple connection you can join the cab and the trailer with a small turntable plate.

Let me know if there are other types of model that you’d like to see a small build idea for. I will be adding more building ideas to this blog, so stay tuned! Don’t forget to follow Brickbuzz on Instagram. Below are a few more photos of the truck.



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