Advanced Building Idea: Truck Cab

Truck Cab

Here is another building idea for a truck, but it’s at a slightly larger scale than the first one featured on the blog and uses some more advanced building techniques.

This truck cab is six to seven studs wide, so it’s similar in scale to vehicles in the Lego City range.

Here is a link to the PDF instructions:

Truck Cab

The design is inspired by Kenworth or Peterbilt trucks. The truck’s green, red and white livery is based on the colour scheme of the fictional Octan energy company. You can see these colours used in the 60025 Grand Prix truck from 2013 or the 60115 4x4 Off Roader from 2016.

The Octan brand has been appearing in sets since 1992, when this small tanker truck and this service station were released.

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