Let’s Build Mog The Cat

Mog the Cat

The Barnes Children’s Literature Festival are celebrating the life and work of the late Judith Kerr as part of their “At Home” series of online events. One of her classic characters was Mog the Cat. We’ve come up with two models of Mog’s head which you can build out of Lego bricks. From Sunday 14th June at 10:30am you can watch a video showing you how to build one of the models– please click here to watch it. The instructions for the second model are after the break…

Here is a link to the PDF instructions for the larger version of Mog the Cat’s head:

Advanced Mog

The instructions were made with Bricklink Studio which is a 3D digital building tool that’s free to download and use. There is a list of the parts used on the final pages of the file.

If you don’t have all the right parts to build the model just like it appears in the instructions, you can try using different colours. There’s often more than one way to achieve a similar effect, so you can also experiment with different parts if you are missing some of the ones shown.

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